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What we do?

We started Astrome with the vision of using space technology to make life better in developing countries. After a bit of research, it was evident that the developing countries had low internet penetration which has resulted in disparity in opportunities and economic growth in urban and rural areas. We decided to fix this using satellites. Having experienced the power of internet in our own lives, we are convinced that internet can transform individuals and societies.

We are on a mission to make internet more accessible to everyone in the developing world. We are focusing on the developing world because that is where the demand-supply gap is the highest and satellite internet can make a big difference.

How we do it? 

We will be launching a constellation of 198 satellites into the Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Each of these satellites carry our next generation communication transponder. These satellites will cover the most densely populated regions of the world including Africa, South America, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. They will also cover the major shipping and air traffic routes of the world.

Become a Partner

By becoming a partner, you get an exclusive opportunity to participate in the pilots that are scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2019. 

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“Society for Innovation and Development’s STEM Cell incubates deep science start-ups that are commercially viable as well as have societal impact. Astrome fitted the bill perfectly. Here was a company that could revolutionalise the way broadband would be delivered to the end users, anytime, anywhere. The founders being IISc alumni and entrepreneurs with a passion to make a difference, made our decision to incubate them easy,”

- C.S. Murali
Chairman, Entrepreneurship Cell, Society for Innovation and Development

Our Team

We are a bunch of people who have come together to build world class satellite communication technologies and be at the forefront of the emerging NewSpace industry. 

In our team, we have electronics engineers, mechanical engineers,  astrodynamicists, software developers, and business developers who have spent years sharpening their craft. Our advisors and consultants have extensive experience in envisioning and delivering complex projects in both telecom and space domains.

To achieve our goal we have partnered with outstanding organisations. Our business partners have decades of experience in selling satellite capacity to clients throughout the world. Our manufacturing partners  have integrated, tested, and delivered  satellites to a number of space missions.

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Astrome Team


Dr Neha Satak, our Co-founder and CEO

Neha Satak

Founder & CEO

Neha is a serial entrepreneur and a researcher. She holds a PhD from Texas A&M University and a Master’s from Indian Institute of Science in Aerospace Engineering. She worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Air Force Research Lab, USA. She loves entrepreneurship because it has endless possibilities to create and it challenges one to go out of their comfort zone.

Dr Prasad Bhat, our Co-founder, Chairman, and CTO

Prasad H L Bhat

Founder, Chairman, & CTO

Prasad is a serial entrepreneur and a researcher. He did his Masters and PhD in Computer Science and Automation Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science. He loves core technology development and has been an architect for various technologies including a microsatellite, a visual search engine, a stochastic game theory solver, the software tool for the latest 3D measurement TI chipset.


Advisor to Astrome

Arthur M. Dula

Aerospace IP Lawyer

Dr B N Suresh

Distinguished ISRO Scientist

Advisor to Astrome

C S Murali

Chairman, Entrepreneurship Cell, IISc

Advisor to Astrome

Raghu Das

CEO, Aniara SpaceCom LLC

Advisor to Astrome

D S Govindarajan

President, Aniara SpaceCom LLC

Advisor to Astrome

Dr M S Bhat

Professor, Aerospace Engineering, IISc

Advisor to Astrome

Dr P S Goel

Distinguished ISRO Scientist

Advisor to Astrome

Dr Dipanjan Gope

Assistant Professor, IISc

Advisor to Astrome

Dr Amit Ganguli


Advisor to Astrome

Venkatesh Kumaran

Vice President, IESA

Just a Few Coveted Awards

National Award  in the ‘Technology Start-ups Category’ (2018).

US - India Science and Technology Endowment Fund

Most Promising Aerospace and Defense Startup Award by NASSCOM and IESA