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No network?

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GigaMeshTM is a revolutionary wireless technology that makes your current infrastructure, 5G ready. With GigaMesh, existing towers achieve better internet capacity in cities and it is highly suitable to provide affordable rural broadband.



Making rural broadband a reality

34 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet and 23 million of them live in rural areas. Efforts to provide broadband connectivity to rural communities have seen only partial success. With GigaMesh, things will change for the better.

GigaMesh enables ISPs to extend the reach of their fiber infrastructure without actually investing on fiber. GigaMesh makes it possible by creating multi-Gbps wireless links from county centres to surrounding rural communities.

A GigaMesh device deployed on a tower can distribute upto 80Gbps over wireless links to other GigaMesh devices deployed in each of the surrounding communities. This can provide broadband internet to up to 800 household in each village.

Affordable broadband through WiFi Hotspots

Broadband penetration is lowest among people with income less than $30,000. Making broadband accessible to such communities will open a world of new opportunities for them. GigaMesh can enable community WiFi Hotspots that make quality internet affordable to different stakeholders.

With GigaMesh, ISPs can set up WiFi Hotspots in low income communities without making substantial investments. GigaMesh devices deployed at various community centers will ensure the availability of broadband internet in the region. Each wireless link to community center can have 2+Gbps reaching it enough to serve about 3000 WiFi users in that community. WiFi Hotspots, set up within each community, will make affordable broadband access a reality.

Making telecom networks 5G ready

5G is expected to bring about a fundamental change in telecom connectivity. Experts believe that 5G will provide never-like-before bandwidth to millions of consumers. It will also support the smart cities of the future which have IoT devices at their heart. GigaMesh will help telecom operators seamlessly roll out 5G services using their existing infrastructure.

GigaMesh will transform the existing tower infrastructure by creating a mesh of 2+ Gbps links amongst them, with each tower supporting upto 80Gbps  over 40 links. These ‘Information Super Highways’, coupled with state-of-the-art software, result in a much better load distribution in the network which leads to efficient use of resources.

About Us

Astrome Communications, Inc, is a technology driven company with sole aim to solve the terrestrial internet connectivity problem. We are on a mission to make internet accessible to all. We create products and solutions to make broadband internet affordable and accessible even to those living in rural and remote areas. Our connectivity solutions are secure, and are hardwired to keep internet open.

Astrome Communications, Inc, is a spin-off from a space technology company (Astrome Technologies Private Limited), to productize the revolutionary new paradigm of point-of-multipoint (P2MP) communication for terrestrial problems.


Patchy internet? Or no internet at all? Get in touch with us. We would be interested in working with you to understand your needs and bring broadband internet to your doorstep.

If you are looking to upgrade your current infrastructure or expand your reach to different locations, rural or urban, get in touch with us! We have solutions which can cut down the infrastructure cost and deployment time dramatically, while making maintenance and automation of the network that much easier.

Want to deliver better network experience to users and also increase your user base? Our product, GigaMesh, can augment the necessary backhaul capacity to your existing networks itself! With its remote maintenance and control capabilities, it will make the software defined network (SDN) a reality. This will in turn reduce operational costs and increase the RoI. What more? Your network will be already 5G ready to deliver very high bandwidths to your users. Get in touch with us for more details.

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