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Astrome is keen to build partnerships that unleash new possibilities and realise the full potential of pervasive internet.

If you are a telecom operator expanding your network to rural areas, or you are looking for a cost-effective way to transfer your data from remote locations, or an IoT service provider seeking connectivity for your solutions, then SpaceNet might be the right solution for you.

Given below is a snapshot of industries that can benefit from SpaceNet.

From 2022

(Frequent Connectivity)

  • Oil and Gas
  • Smart City
  • Surveillance and Tracking
  • Telemedicine
  • Solar and Wind Farm Monitoring
  • Digital Cinema

From 2023

(Continuous Connectivity)

  • Consumer broadband
  • Telecom backhaul
  • Connectivity on ships and aircraft


Pilot Program is a mutually beneficial partnership limited to select few in specific sectors and countries.

To become a partner, fill in the form and get exclusive access to select whitepapers on satellite connectivity and ITU regulatory environment.

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