Millimetre Wave Wireless Technology

For Satellite & Terrestrial Communication Applications

the future of
satellite communication

SpaceNet transponders operate in the millimetre wave frequency range that have better spectral efficiency and a large amount of unused bandwidth. Astrome builds on these two advantages to develop ultra high capacity transponders. We are the pioneers in developing millimetre wave wireless technology for satellite communications.

Patented Millimetre Wave Technology

10X Higher Capacity Transponders

High Capacity Micro-Satellites

SpaceNet transponders operate in millimeter wave frequencies which have better spectral efficiency and large amount of unused bandwidth. As a result, we can achieve 10 times more capacity than Ku/Ka band transponders

Ultra-High Throughput Satellites (U-HTS)

Each of SpaceNet’s advanced high throughput satellites forms thousands of spot beams over its footprint. These beams concentrate a lot of data throughput over relatively smaller regions resulting in better connectivity to the end users.

The state-of-the-art HTS form just a few beams per transponder. Whereas, a single SpaceNet U-HTS transponder forms thousands of spot beams. Moreover, the SpaceNet transponder is small enough to be carried in a 200-300 kg micro-satellite.

Thousands of Spot Beams

Dense Coverage

High Bandwidth to Users

Our advanced High Throuput Satellite can form thousands of spot beams over its footprint. This concentrates a lot of capacity over smaller regions and ensures better connectivity to users

Compact As Compared to Ku-/Ka-band Transponders

SpaceNet transponders carry tiny antennas, as millimetre waves have shorter wavelengths, which result in compact size with very high capacities. SpaceNet transponders boasts an innovative arrangement of these tiny antennas yielding much higher capacity than the state-of-the-art Ku-/Ka-band satellites.

As compared to state-of-the-art Ku/Ka band transponders, SpaceNet transponders have 10 times more capacity and still are compact in size.

Compact Size Transponders

Innovative Arrangement of Antennas

10X Higher Capacity Transponders

Dynamically Configurable Satellites

The spot beams formed by SpaceNet satellites are completely configurable in software. The software suite is nuanced enough to dynamically vary the data transmitted in a beam according to the demand back on earth. With this, the satellite network can be dynamically configured and autonomously optimised for maximum performance in real-time.

Software Configurable Spot Beams

Dynamically Configurable Network

Autonomous Performance Optimization

With high speed inter-satellite links, SpaceNet satellites form a full fledged communication network in space. The network can automatically optimise its performance based on the demand back on earth

Electronically Steerable Smart Antennas

SpaceNet satellites and user equipment have Smart Antennas that steer the beam electronically. Smart antennas ensure that the beams from both the satellite and the user equipment are perfectly aligned even as the satellite swiftly moves across the sky. This feature promises much more reliable connectivity as compared to antenna with mechanical steering systems.

SpaceNet satellites and user antennae connect with each other automatically. The connection is maintained even as the satellite moves across the sky

Electronically Steerable Smart Antennas

Quality Connectivity

Works for Ships/Airlines


Fibre-Like Internet to Homes, Businesses, IIoT Applications, Ships & Aircrafts

With fibre-like speeds of upto 400 Mbps and an astonishing 180 Gbps aggregated capacity per satellite, SpaceNet is capable of enabling numerous applications with ease. The cost reduction of an impressive 2000 times compared to the terrestrial networks, makes it an ideal solution to meet the increasing demand on all fronts.

Meet GigaMesh

A Ground-breaking Solution To Network Decongestion & 5G

GigaMesh is a patented millimetre wireless technology that reduces the network congestion and makes your existing infrastructure 5G ready. GigaMesh will transform the existing tower infrastructure by creating a mesh of 2+ Gbps links amongst them, with each tower supporting upto 80+ Gbps over 40 links.

meet gigamesh